Actions for Businesses and Organizations
Businesses and other kinds of organizations are a vital part of the SafeClimate community. Often being significant greenhouse gas contributors, organizations represent a critical part of the solution to protect our climate. And since carbon reductions frequently go hand in hand with cost savings, helping the climate can also benefit the bottom line. SafeClimate addresses the specific needs of organizations in the following sections...

Take Action
Learn about a host of climate protecting actions your organization can take right now. Browse the whole list or jump right into the Energy, Transportation, Paper, or Other sections... more...

Case Studies
Learn how other businesses, schools, congregations and non-profit groups have reduced their carbon emissions while cutting costs...more...

Pledge to reduce your organizationís emissions and track your progress over time...more...

Carbon Footprint Calculator
Quantify your organizationís carbon emissions from energy, transportation and paper use.
Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
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actions for businesses and organizations
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