SafeClimate, a project of the Sustainable Enterprise Program at World Resources Institute, provides the tools, information, and connections to help you take positive action in your home, organization, and local community.

Why SafeClimate was Established

Human activity is greatly increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere, which is triggering climate change (global warming). The potential implications are truly daunting: more frequent and severe storms, greater numbers of droughts and decreased crop yields, increased episodes of air pollution and related human health problems, spread of pests and pathogens, rising sea levels and coastal land loss, and adverse impacts on forests, coral reefs, and other ecosystems.

In response to these threats, the majority of Americans (according to recent Newsweek and Wirthlin Group surveys) have expressed their willingness to take individual action in order to reduce the negative impact we are having on the Earth's climate. In spite of this need, there currently exist few readily available means for such concerned citizens and organizations to learn about, and take concrete steps to reduce, their climate impact. SafeClimate.net has been established to address this need by engaging, informing and empowering individuals and organizations to easily and swiftly act on their desire to help protect the Earth's climate and, in doing so, safeguard biodiversity.

SafeClimate.net makes the climate change issue tangible for visitors by allowing them to calculate their own personal greenhouse gas emissions "footprint" and then take specific actions to reduce this impact. SafeClimate's objectives are to:


World Resources Institute

WRI is an environmental think tank that goes beyond research to create practical ways to protect the Earth and improve people's lives. WRI's mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect the Earth's environment for current and future generations.

WRI's goals are to:

-Reverse the rapid degradation of ecosystems, assuring their capacity to provide the goods and services on which human well-being depends.

-Halt the changes to the Earth's climate caused by human activity.

-Catalyze the adoption of policies and practices that expand prosperity while reducing the use of materials and generation of wastes.

-Guarantee people's access to information and decisions regarding natural resources and environment.

WRI's Climate Commitment: In May 1999, WRI made a significant public statement, pledging to achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2005 or sooner. This is one the first commitments of this magnitude and time frame undertaken by a public or private institution. WRI's effort to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero presents a unique opportunity to facilitate similar efforts by other organizations and businesses and to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of achieving such a commitment. In order to meet its own climate pledge WRI has developed robust measurement guidelines and analytical tools, as well as gaining experience with the full range of practical emissions reduction opportunities. This expertise and easy-to-use toolkit will be shared, as it becomes available, through SafeClimate.net with other organizations interested in taking the climate pledge. For more information about WRI's climate pledge please contact: sam@wri.org.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of Conservation International (CI), WRI has recently expanded sections of Safeclimate.net with more information on the importance of making climate solutions biodiversity friendly. We are very grateful to CI for all of their expertise and financial support provided through the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business. For more information on CI, please visit www.conservation.org. For more information on the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business please visit www.celb.org.   

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