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Energy Star Savings Calculators Estimate the savings from Energy Star products compared to average models.

What would most reduce carbon emissions from American households? A 10% reduction in (a) household electricity use
(b) miles driven


My SafeClimate
My SafeClimate

climate watch
How's the Weather? Taking the Earth's temperature for May.  By Leonie Haimson, originally published in Grist (23 June 2000).

Trouble Reaches into the Heavens.  Cooling and cloudiness in mesosphere.  (Fall 1999).

The Climate of 1998.  A year of extremes. (December 1998)

Water World.  Precipitation Increases Over Many Land Areas.  (April 1998)

Record Temperatures During Last Four Seasons.  September-November 1995 Especially Warm.  (October 1995)
1995 Atlantic Hurricane Season Intense as Predicted.  Scientists say future hurricanes likely to be more destructive.  (October 1995)

Model Links Greenhouse Gases to Wind Changes.  Shifting winds warm northern winters.  (April 1999)

Record Low Ozone Levels in Northern Hemisphere (Winter 1999-2000)

Low Antarctic Ozone Levels Now Extend into Late Summer. (October 1995)