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Interactive Home Energy Saver from Berkeley Natl. Labs
Investing in your home could be more profitable than investing on Wall Street


What would most reduce carbon emissions from American households? A 10% reduction in (a) household electricity use
(b) miles driven


My SafeClimate
My SafeClimate

government & politics
Improve Energy Efficiency, Avoid Power Outages  More efficient air conditioners may prevent rolling blackouts. (August 2000)

A Texas-Sized Generation Gap?  Climate science convincing says Governor Bush. (April 1999)

A History of Climate Change Negotiations Agreements and the squabbles surrounding them, from Rio to the present. By Leonie Haimson, originally published in Grist (22 April 2000).

Debates and Perspectives Is Kyoto dead?. By Leonie Haimson, originally published in Grist  (17 January 2000)

US and Energy Innovation.  Panel says more international cooperation needed. (Fall 1999)

Clinton Launches Housing Initiative.  Program already in jeopardy.  (July 1998)

Senator Chuck Hagel.  On the Kyoto Protocol: "We will kill this if the president signs it." (April 1998)

Rough Seas.  Will Clinton climate policies weather the storm? (December 1997)

Canada Sets New Emissions Target.  (December 1997)

Another Rising Energy Star.  New program recognizes efficient buildings (April 1999)
Congressmen Challenge Science Behind Climate and Ozone Policies.  Hearing feature witnesses who "do not profess conventional wisdom." (October 1995)

House Subcommittee to Hear Debate over Climate Models.  Hearing is 2nd in series to question science.  (October 1995)

Lean Budgets Threaten US Climate Initiatives (July 1995)

Congress Turns up Heat in Washington.  Precipitous Cuts Proposed for Climate-Related Programs.  (October 1995)

Breaking the Ice-Berlin Conference Pushes Towards the 21st Century.  (July 1995)

Labs Describe Technological Push to Curb Emissions.  (December 1997)

Advisory Committee Recommends $1 Billion Energy R and D Increase.  (December 1997)

US Senators Introduce Resolution on Climate Convention.  Resolution expresses concerns that Convention could "result in serious harm to the United States economy."  (September 1997)

US House Resolution on Climate Negotiations Attracts Few Cosponsors.  (September 1997)