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Building Upgrade Manual Comprehensive Energy Star guide for implementing profitable energy efficiency building upgrades.

Compared to 1990, US emissions in 1998 were (a) the same, (b) nearly 12% higher, (c) nearly 24% higher

My SafeClimate
My SafeClimate

A Sweaty Future  Higher humidity will drive up heat indices (Winter 1999-2000)

Mega-Burps.  Massive releases of methane from the ocean floor. (Winter 1999-2000)

UV Radiation Rises in New Zealand.  Scientists report "close correspondence" with ozone depletion.  (Winter 1999-2000)

Polar Melt.  From North & South, chilling news.  (Winter 1999-2000)

Common Questions about Climate Change.  Published by the United Nations Environment Programme & World Meteorological Organization.

Troubled Oceans.  Scientists sound alarm for marine ecosystems. (December 1998)

Irreconcilable Differences?  Despite recent findings, temperature trends disputed (December 1997)

High Ocean Temperatures Feed Hurricanes.  Record high temperatures dominant influence on 1995 Atlantic hurricanes (September 1997)
Ozone Depletion Takes a Toll.  Report documents impacts of higher UV-B radiation. (December 1997)

UN Agencies Issue Ozone Assessment.  Note Successes, Caution against complacency (October 1998)

Climate Researchers Close In on Aerosols.  (October 1995)

Ground Surface Temperatures Show Warming Trend.  (October 1995)

Bell Labs Expert Finds Pattern of Global Warming in Seasonal Data.  Scientist finds unprecedented shift in timing of seasons (July 1995)

Panel Says Stabilizing CO2 Concentrations Could Require Global Emissions "Substantially Below 1990 Levels." (July 1995)

Tropical Storms in a Warmer World.  Studies Offer Clues but uncertainties persist. (October 1998)

Scientists Observe Decline in Concentrations of Ozone Depleter.  (October 1995)

"Environmental Factors" Behind Recent Variations in CO2 Trends.  (October 1995)