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We have not yet developed our own selection of appliances for you to choose from. Until we do, use the links below in your hunt for climate friendly appliances and office products.


There are two good starting points if you are ready to invest in appliances that can help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings from the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. Highlights are available online along with list of top-rated energy-efficient appliances.

The US Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star Program site.

Among the sites where you can purchase appliances online are:

Real Goods

Home Heating

Water Heating

Fans and Cooling

Jade Mountain, Inc., Appliances and Heating & Cooling

For additional stores in your area, use the EPA's Energy Star Store Locator.


If you are shopping online to limit greenhouse gas emissions associated with your office, start with the lights. For additional savings with office equipment, a good place to start is the Guide to Energy-Efficient Office Equipment from the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. Additional resources for businesses include:

Energy Star For Business site contains various downloadable energy assessment tools and resources for business, as well as information on Energy Star business programs. markets energy-saving lighting controls for offices.

If you need help locating a store that carries the equipment you want to buy, use the EPA Energy Star Store Locator.

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